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Relentless: Gray Man, Book 10
Title:Relentless: Gray Man, Book 10
Author:Mark Greaney
Released:February 16, 2021
Publisher:Audible Studios
Format Type:PDF, e-Pub, Kindle, Mobi, Audible

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The Gray Man's search for missing intelligence agents plunges him deep into a maelstrom of trouble in the latest entry in the number one New York Times best-selling series.

The first agent disappearance was a puzzle.

The second was a mystery.

The third was a conspiracy.

Intelligence operatives around the world are disappearing. When a missing American agent re-appears in Venezuela, Court Gentry, the Gray Man, is dispatched to bring him in, but a team of assassins has other ideas. Court escapes with his life and a vital piece of intelligence.

Meanwhile, CIA agent Zoya Zakharova is in Berlin. Her mission: to infiltrate a private intelligence firm with some alarming connections. The closer she gets to answers, the less likely she is to get out alive.

Court and Zoya are just two pieces on this international chessboard, and they're about to discover one undeniable truth - sometimes capturing a king requires sacrificing some pawns.